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A little About me

1. Agile Transformation Expertise:

With proven track record of facilitating and driving complex agile transformations for organizations of all sizes, as an agile leader, coach, trainer, change agent, and advisor, I leverage my expertise to guide teams towards optimal efficiency and effectiveness through the adoption of agile practices.

2. Trusted Partnership:

I am committed to become a trusted advisor by collaborating with senior leadership and co-creating a forward vision for agility.

3. Industry- Leading Results:

I deliver industry leading practices and results through a focus on continuous improvement and customer-centric approaches. 

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Process is just the plan; implementation brings real change.

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Holistic Transformation.

True Transformation goes beyond processes and tools.

Agile isn’t just about frameworks and ceremonies; it’s a mindset shift that empowers individuals to take ownership, think creatively, and continuously learn. I believe in harnessing the power of agile to empower individuals, align teams, engage stakeholders, fuel innovation, and deliver value faster.

My holistic approach to Agile Transformation includes:

1. Organizational change management

Guiding your organization through cultural shifts and fostering an Agile mindset. By aligning teams across departments, agile breaks down silos and promotes seamless collaboration.

2. Leadership development and Team Coaching

My approach is to equip leaders to agile values and empower teams to build high-performing and self-organizing teams with strong communication and collaboration skills.

3. Metrics and Measurements

By implementing data-driven approaches to track progress and optimize performance, I ensure that this collaborative and empowered environment leads to faster value delivery, allowing you to respond quicker to market demands and stay ahead of the curve.


"Gaurav Rajwanshi's courses transformed my agile development skills. Interactive sessions and hands-on projects boosted my abilities. Highly recommend for career advancement."

Emma Software Developer

"Personalized feedback and support from Gaurav's team are invaluable. The courses are structured and enjoyable, leading to significant improvements in my team's performance."

Marissa Young Project Manager

"Gaurav's strategies have increased our sprint velocity. The blend of theory and practice is perfect, and the collaborative environment fosters real growth and innovation."

Mia IT Consultant

"Gaurav's courses on SkillShare and Udemy are top-notch. Live sessions and Q&A make complex topics accessible and engaging. I feel more confident and capable in my role."

Sophia L. UX Designer

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